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Written by Helge Engelke   
Friday, 26 August 2016 13:20


If anybody really needed additional proof that all of their songs are timeless, classic

and independent of trends and fashions, then Fair Warning provide that proof

incontestably on Pimp Your Past. The current album by the band from Northern

Germany features 2016 versions of the most important tracks from their first three

studio albums Fair Warning, Rainmaker and Go!, originally released between

1992 and 1997. Every single note sees Fair Warning underline the motto which

they have chosen for themselves: a good song will always remain a good song

(at this point we will save ourselves a decisive “full stop” as an expression of

absolute conviction). At the same time, it’s an integral part of thePimp Your Past

concept that the arrangements of some of the new versions differ significantly

from the originals. As bassist Ule Ritgen puts it so aptly: “When our Japanese

record company approached us with the request for this kind of album, we were

skeptical to start with. But once we had made up our minds to not simply rerecord

the material but furnish it with a few fresh arrangements, the project gained

momentum and we were gripped by a kind of eagerness to explore the

possibilities. Especially since the new recording are very energetic and

sound excitingly different in parts while their essence has remained the same.

You can tell that the originals have a lot of substance and that their quality is

extremely robust.”



So it comes as no surprise that the unmistakable spiritedness of this band, which has

been on the scene for 25 years and is now throwing a new light on the beginning

of their career with Pimp Your Past, is also reflected in the album’s unusual cover

artwork. “We’ve run out of dragons, unfortunately they’re extinct,”jokes

Helge Engelke and gets to the serious core of the matter:

“Of course people may wonder what this ‘arty stuff’

is all about. In view of the term ‘pimp’, a cover featuring old cars would

probably have been the logical thing to go for. But honestly: who wants

something normal? And after all, monkeys also stand for an early stage

of the evolution of man, so the album title and the cover fit together really well.

To put it in a nutshell: we played with our origins on Pimp Your Past,

which was not only a lot of fun but is also expressed in this particularly

humorous artwork.”

Pimp Your Past will be release worldwide (ex-Japan) on October 28th,

2016 through Steamhammer/SPV.

01. Longing For Love 3:50
02. One Step Closer 3:58
03. Out On The Run 3:59
04. When Love Fails 4:37
05. Long Gone 4:39
06. Burning Heart 4:13
07. Picture Of Love 4:44
08. Angels Of Heaven 5:34
09. Rain Song 4:46
10. Save Me 5:34
11. Don´t Give Up 6:43



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